East Coast Cannabis – Your Comical Companion in Cannabis

Welcome to East Coast Cannabis, your friendly neighborhood cannabis dispensary in the beautiful town of Lebanon, ME. Our store is the Cherry Garcia to your emotional ice cream sundae – the tiny green sprinkles that can give your day a better level of “chill and thrill”!

From Medicinal to Recreational – We Have it All!

Did you twist your ankle doing the cha cha slide at your cousin’s wedding? Or perhaps, you’re feeling as stressed as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs? Let us help you relax and feel better, naturally. At East Coast Cannabis, our mission is providing relief, and not just the kind you find at the end of a Clown College exam. We’re talking medical and recreational cannabis usage to ease your everyday pains, aches and stress.

Lebanon’s Best-kept Secret

There’s really no reason to stress out about where to get your cannabis in Lebanon, ME. Just remember – not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes they own cannabis dispensaries! Think of us as the funny, approachable guy next door, who can always make you laugh…and also happens to have a superb selection of cannabis.